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Location: Columbia, SC

Duration: 24+ months

Rate: Open



- Architect, install, update, maintain and scale TFS and related systems.

- Manage the configuration and security for TFS, team project collections, team projects, and project portals.

- Install, configure and manage build controllers and build servers.

- Perform health and performance monitoring of TFS and related systems.

- Manage backup and recovery plans for TFS and related systems.

- Develop, Manage and Implement Process Templates.

- Provide guidance and collaborate with development managers in the selection and use of process templates.

- Work with SharePoint team members to provide Project Portal (SharePoint).

- Provide guidance and collaborate with development managers in the effective use of team project portals and reports.

- Manage organization and customization of team project portal web sites.

- Develop and manage dashboards and reports for team projects and other aspects of the TFS system.

- Team Projects and Collections.

- Work with development mangers to create and configure team projects, and update team project configurations for sprints/iterations.

- Work Item Tracking.

- Provide guidance and collaborate with development managers in the selection and use of work items.

- Implement work item template customizations.

- Version Control.

- Provide guidance for version control and branching best practices.

- Develop and manage version control branching and labeling strategies Builds.

- Provide guidance for build and test automation and continuous integration.

- Develop and manage automated build, continuous integration and testing environments.

- Release and deployment management.

- Provide guidance and collaborate with business managers to develop and manage configuration, change, and release management policies and procedures.

- Develop and manage integration of deployment automation with production system.

- Work closely with development, test, and production personnel to ensure proper coordination and smooth releases to production system.


Skills Needed:

• Address technical problems that arise with the Client’s TFS Solution.

• Act as Client’s TFS help desk support.

• Install, Configure, Manage, and Administer Client’s TFS Environment.

• Implement TFS Security best practices.

•Apply patches and updates to TFS Servers and Clients.

•Create, manage, secure, archive and delete Team Project Collections and Team Projects.





Sandeep Jain

Software People Inc.

Ph: 631-863-0299, 631-410-4741, 631-921-2111 ©

Fax: 631-574-3122



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